Ultimate Nitro oxygen booster Prespray

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Nitro ultimate booster

Nitro Ultimate Booster

Produces more oxygen when added to your prespray and detergent

Allows the removal of tough stains like coffee, browning, smoke, urine, air-filtration lines, some furniture stains and many more.

Brightens colors and deodorizes. Customers love the smell and carpets

Nitro is a buffer and the pH will not fluctuate.


You can add it to the Hydroforce, pump-up sprayer and your cleaning chemical. Test for compatibility before beginning. Do not use on delicate fabrics like found on furniture. Do not use on dark fabrics.
Mix well.
As a detergent in truck-mount 5 gal stock add 2 to 4 oz..
In regular Hydroforce add 4 to 8 oz..
In “pump-up” or electric sprayer add 1/2 to 1 oz..
Portables add 1/2 oz per 5 gallon.
dilution 1:64 - 1:960, depending on application.
pH 10.
Click here for the MSDS sheet
Removes most coffee and urine stains when added to your pre-spray! A lot less “hands and knees” scrubbing is needed with this technique.
Produces Oxygen when added to water!