Sporicidin Mold Resistant CoatingClear with UV Indicator

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Sporicidin Mold Resistant CoatingClear with UV Indicator

Sporicidin Mold Resistant Coating is an easy-to-use, water-based permanent coating that incorporates a unique zero VOC, EPA registered antimicrobial that prevents the growth of mold on the coating film. Developed for high moisture areas, this product forms a dehydration finish that does not allow moisture penetration, thus preventing the growth of mold on the film. The quality of the product, along with the anti-abrasion and anti-scratch qualities, exceed the performance requirements of the following microbiological resistant tests: ASTM D3273, D3274. Sporicidin Mold Resistant Coatings can be used on any new or existing building material before, during, or after installation. It quickly penetrates and adheres to porous and non-porous surfaces, providing a stain-blocking coating that will not blister, crack, or chip and restores the integrity of damaged materials. Coverage ranges from 35 sq. ft/can to 1,000 sq.ft/gallon depending on which product is used, substrate porosity and surface smoothness.Features & Benefits:Mold resistance on the filmSpecial UV detectable pigment for warranty verification (available on clear finish items only)Non-leaching and non-toxicExcellent longevityBonds to organic and inorganic surfacesSuperior moisture preventionBreathable and paintableDesigned to provide a uniform primer or can be left as the top coatFeatures phenomenal hiding and enamel holdoutNanotechnology provides excellent durability and adhesionProvides protection from water penetrationSeals water extractives and tannins in redwood and cedar.Dry time: 30 min. to two hours depending on humidity and temperature (Item dependent see technical data sheets)Shelf life: three yearsAir Quality and Management District (AQMD) and VOC compliantDilution Ratios:RTU RTU pH: n/a Contains: 1 gallon