OmniDry Flexidry Wall Drying System

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OmniDry Flexidry Wall Drying System
OmniDry Flexidry Wall Drying SystemThe all NEW Flexidry makes it faster and easier to dry wall cavities. The Flexidry comes with eight reinforced openings that are spaced 16" apart to match stud cavities. The " hose barbs and rubber hoses are user replaceable and can be customized to fit the particular drying situation. One Flexidry covers an 8 section of wall and you can connect up to five Flexidrys for long runs down hallways or long walls. The Flexidry can even bend around corners. The universal cinch-tight opening will accept any centrifugal airmover or E-TES/TEX box. The cinch-tight opening uses industrial Velcro straps to cinch around the airmover opening, reducing airflow loss and keeping the Flexidry firmly locked in place. Comes with a convenient carry bag for storage and transportation.Xactimate Code: WTR WALLD