Hydro-Force Nautilus Tile & Grout Cleaning Business package

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MX3-1200 SX-15 pacakge

Hydro-Force Nautilus Tile & Grout Business Package 

Complete Package with all of the tools, chemicals and Training. 

Easy business to start. Start making over $1 a square foot. With this setup you can clean 500-1000 sq. ft. per hour. Just 3 jobs a week would pay for this setup.

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 Tile & Grout Cleaning business package Includes the main tools needed for cleaning tile & grout. 1)MX3-1200 2) SX-15 Tile cleaning spinner 15" 3) Grout Brush 4) Grout Wand 5) No Wait Sealer DuPont  6) Accelerated Tile Grout Training CD 7) 6lb Oxyblaster 8) Citrus 90 pure 9) Acid rinse 1-quart

 1) MX3-1200 Adjustable Extractor - 50-1200 PSI 

 Need a high pressure unit for cleaning tile and grout? MX3-1200 by Hydro Force (Nautilus) can handle it all!

 MX3-1200 Features

 Powerful Twin 3 Stage Vacuum

 50-1200 adjustable Pressure

 12- Gallon Solution and Waste Tank

 50'-waste hose

 50' fill hose

 No heat N/A (not need for cleaning tile and grout)

 Great for Tile & Grout Cleaning

 Spec Sheeet1           Spec Shee2      more info

 2) SX-15 with 15 inch head Clean faster with improved cleaning capabilities. The SX-15 is the best tool for cleaning tile and grout. Now you clean 500-1000 sq ft. per hour. Patent design head allows counter rotating head which doubles the cleaning power compared to the competition. The Turbo Hybrid tool is the #1 in the tile grout cleaning industry. Customer and yourself will notice a big improvement over the competition. more info

 3) Grout Brush for corners includes pole and swivel head. Easy to use with stiff bristles for extra cleaning capabilities. more info

 4) Grout wand to seal the grout when you finished. You can charge over $1 square foot just to seal the grout. Ceramic tile you cannot seal, just the grout. Easy money. The grout wand you just fill and roll. Easiest tool to seal the grout lines. more info

 5) No wait Premium Sealer 1 quart. No longer have to come back to seal the grout. After cleaning no wait sealer you can seal immediately.   

 6) Tile and Grout Cleaning CD is the most complete training brought to you by Bridgepoint. Retails for $599. Now just on CD. Includes everything you need to be an expert in the field of cleaning tile and grout. Each section is easy to navigate and each section has videos. You read the PowerPoint and or watch the video to learn more. Included in the CD is selling, how to price and covers every type of tile and grout on the market including maintenance. Must have training CD. Free with this package. (if your serous about cleaning tile and grout. Buy the CD now on my website, and I will apply the difference when you decide to buy a package) Training CD link

 7) 6lb of Oxyblaster super concentrated alkaline makes 27 gallons of Pre-spray. just apply using sprayer wait 20-30 minutes and then start cleaning more info

 8) Citra Pure solvent 90% pure Citra d' limonene. All natural. Super concentrated just add a tablespoon or two. You will receive 1-gallon. Citra pure will remove restaurants grease in tile, grout and carpets. Mix with your Pre-spray more info

 9) Oxyblaster low ph is a acid rinse for counter tops and bathrooms where there is a lot of water residue build up. Acid rinse works immediately. more info



1 year manufacturer Warranty

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