Green Glides Fits Hydro-Force AW29 12' carpet wand

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Greenglide hole, slot or hybrid fits aw29

Green Glides - Full size glide Slot, Hole or Hybrid Version - Fits Hydro Force AW29 12' carpet cleaning wand available in slot, hybrid or hole versions

New Flat intruded design for increase CFM


The greatest benefit of a wand glide is COMFORT and EASE OF USE. Regular use of a pure TEF wand glide makes for a more comfortable, less injury-prone operator. Stress on the back, shoulders and elbows from wanding are reduced significantly. Many who were in great pain with wanding related stress injuries are able to work again with little or no pain.

The Variation between the Hole and Slotted Version - Does not push as easily or dry as fast as the holed version, but still pushes easier and dries faster than an un-glided wand.

The Slotted Version advantages over the hole version

  • Pick up of larger debris instead of using your vacuum hose.
  • Ability to clean Tile and Grout. 

Please note: Although All versions; Hole, Hybrid and Slotted can clean hard surface - The slot version has a large opening to allow the water pressure to impact the surface for Tile & Grout cleaning and the ability to pickup debris. The hole version for maximum performance, slots are also available for heavy debris removal or have both with the hybrid model. (please note: the hybrid has the holes and slot built) Upon purchase you have the choice of 3 versions; slot, hole or hybrid.

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