Extech AN100 CFM Thermo-Anemometer

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Extech AN100 CFM Thermo-Anemometer
Extech AN100 CFM Thermo-AnemometerMeasures airflow or air velocity, and temperatures to 500F with infrared thermometerThe Extech AN100 thermo-anemometer offers simultaneous display of ambient temperature and air flow or air velocity. Up to 8 easy-to-set area dimensions can be stored in the internal memory of the Extech AN100 thermo-anemometer.The Extech AN100 thermo-anemometer has a air velocity range from 0.9 to 67.2 mph (or equivalent) and features a 20-point average function for air flow and a super large LCD backlit display. The low friction 2.83" D ball bearing vane wheel on 3.9 ft cable produces a 3% velocity accuracy. Other features of the Extech AN100 thermo-anemometer includes data hold, min/max readings, and an auto power off. The internal temperature sensor measures ambient temperature from 14 to 140F.The Extech AN100 thermo-anemometer ships complete with vane sensor with 3.9ft cable, 9V battery, protective rubber holster, and carrying case.Applications of the Extech AN100 Thermo-AnemometersHVAC installation, repair, diagnositics, and optimizationFume hood testing, installation, and verificationVentiliation system installation, servicing, and analysisEnvironmental wind and temperature testing/analysisBoilers roomsIonizer flow output monitoringAutomobile aerodynamic testingPlant/facilities maintenance