CitraPure Citra D' Limonene cleaning solvent

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citra pure 1-gallon

1 Gallon of Citra Pure 90% rind extract.

Use on all types of oil based stains, grease in carpets. Many customers will use as a spotter just mix 1 ounce in a quart of water and apply to stain. Citrapure is easy to rinse with any carpet cleaning machine. Great as a pre-spray in any type of sprayer including a hydro-force sprayer. Please note: Citra products is not recommended inside the water tank of the machine. Since it can reduce the life of the pump if used in as a detergent. Best to apply this product mixed with water and sprayed on the carpet.

Compare to others with 10% or less extract and rest water! Pure citrus concentrate is a great smelling pre-spray additive and spotter that works wonders on "trashed" carpeting, automotive grease & oil, tar, cosmetics, adhesive, chewing gum, ink, paint, and carbonized soil.

5 to 10 times stronger than any other brands.
Do not spray directly on plastic products.
Use solvent resistant sprayers.
Pre-test before use.

Formula: Mixture of terpene solvent, propylene glycol ether, detergent Chemical Type: D-limonene, co-solvents and detergent (sold in gallons only)
4 oz of grease monkey & 1/2 oz of Citra-pure in one gallon of water makes the best Traffic Lane Cleaner you've ever used!

Carpets - As a pre-spray in Hydroforce, add 2 to 4 oz with your regular pre-spray (1:9 metering).
As a pre-spray in a "pump-up" sprayer, add ½ oz for each gallon of water.
For bonnet cleaning add 1 oz for each gallon.
Upholstery-As a pre-spray for upholstery add 2 oz per gallon of water.
Hard Surface Cleaning-Mix 4 oz to 1 gallon in "pump-up" sprayer or 8 to 16 oz in Hydroforce.
Nothing works better than Citra-Pure on automotive grease.
Spotter-Mix 1 part to 10 part water.

Professional use only: used for many different uses. Laundry mats add to laundry for greasy oily clothes, carpet cleaners use for restaurants and auto mechanics for grease on carpet, dissolves all grease and tar. Also used by carpet rip up of commercial carpets to dissolve the glue underneath (Just use as is and pour over carpet)  Also removes gum on carpet. 

 FAQ-The difference between Citra Pure and Citrus Solvent is manufactured by 2 different companies. This product (Citrus Solvent) uses detergent based for 10% and 90% uses citrus d' limonene. The problem with detergent based leaves a residue. Citra pure also uses 90% citrus d’ limonene but the 10% uses Ether based. Using Ether based assist in allowing the citrus d' limonene to evaporate out of the carpet, so leaves no residue. I recommend Ether based for carpet cleaners since it’s easier to use. Please visit our eBay store for Citra pure. (Please note: All of my competition uses  10% Citrus Solvent . So be carefully  - All of my Citrus d' limonene products are very powerful and strong. - use must dilute in water.)

 Click here for the MSDS sheet


Espanol Instrucciones:


Avant utilization, faire, un essai sur une petite surface cache du tissue pour sassaurer de sa compatiblite avec le produit. Agite bein el product antes de usarlo.


Taches d’huile


1.       Enlever l’exces ou le reste du residu.


2.       Appliquer Citrus pure a letat pur sur la surface souillee. Eviter d’en mettre trop.


3.       Faire penetrer le Citrus pure dans la tache avec un racloir en os su avec une brosse.


4.       Laisser reposer de 2 a 5 minutes.


5.       Eponger ou grater le surplus de Citra pure. Repeter les etapes de 2 a 5, au besoin.


6.       Bien eponger et rincer la surface en utilisant un appareil d extraction et de leau proper, puis brosser le tissue dans le sens des fibres.




Combustible Eloigner de la chaleur et des flames. Eviter tout contact avec les yeux. Porter des gants de caoutchouc pur utiliser le produit. Ce Produit peut endommager certaines surfaces de plastique ou peintes, tapis sous-couches et tissus. Faire un essai avant utilization. En cas de contact avec les yeux, rincer immediatement a grande eau. Si Lirritation periste, appeler un medecin


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