Brush Pro Dry Compound 20 lb container

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Brush Pro Compound

Brush Pro Dry Compound 20 lb container

Compound Encapsulation design for use with the Hydro-Force Brush pro carpet floor machine

Deep cleaning dry compound embedded with cleaning agents that lift and separate soil from fibers then absorbs into the compound for easy removal.

Dry and ready for use immediately.

• Absorbs soil like a sponge

• Triple filtered to remove small particles. (Its the small particles that are

hard to get back out of the carpet)

• Biodegradable/compostable- 100% natural

• Proprietary ingredients give stellar results when used with the pre-spray,

even on the worst commercial carpets.

• Engineered to release from carpet fibers easily when done.

• neutral ph

• 75sf per lb coverage

• No corn husk fillers that can discolor carpets

Contains: 20 pounds pail

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