Versaclean Facelift Tile and Grout Floor Cleaner Rinse

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Face-lift cleaning hard water sufaces

Versaclean Facelift Hard water rinse cleaner  

Facelift is a Natural Acid rinse for bath and restaurants where there's a calcium from water. Low pH and low odor cleaner effectively removes hard water scale and rust stains from hard surfaces and brightens surfaces. Great for restrooms with calcium buildup or concrete floors


  • low Ph 2.0
  • case of 4-gallons
  • By versaclean
  • Brightner floor cleaner
  • 76-250

Avoid using on Natural Stone

DIRECTIONS: Mix 32 - 64 oz. (946 -1892 mL) of concentrate with enough water to make 1 gal. (3.8 L) of readyto-use (RTU) solution. Preinspection: Examine the surface for evidence of pre-existing damage and for stains and soiling that will not be possible to remove. Check for and remove any coatings. These coatings will interfere with proper cleaning. Work Process: 1) Post wet floor signs. Protect areas not being cleaned from overspray. 2) Use a pressure sprayer to apply RTU solution to the surface. Use a coarse spray and do not generate aerosol. Allow a 5 -10 minute dwell time but do not allow solution to dry on the surface. 3) For floors, use a rotary buffer with a nylon grit brush to agitate surface. For counter tops and vertical surfaces, use a hand brush to agitate the surface. 4) Use high pressure water at as high a temperature as possible to pressure wash the surface. Be sure to vacuum all waste water. Inspect surface for standing water and remove. 5) Repeat steps 2, 3, & 4 using Versaclean Overhaul Concrete, Stone, and Tile Cleaner. Follow the label directions for this product. 6) Establish good drying conditions. CAUTION FOR APPLICATION: 1) Test surfaces for compatibility before use. 2) Product is acidic. Avoid contact with acid sensitive surfaces such as terrazzo, travertine, limestone, and polished marble. Avoid contact with aluminum and stainless steel.

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