Power Encap Plus Bonnet Prespray detergent 4-Gallons

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Power Encap Bonnet prespary or detergent

Power Encap Plus High efficiency cleaning! 4-Gallons Case

Power Encap Plus is a mild acid pH encapsulating cleaner fortified with hydrogen peroxide. It has been specifically developed to remove the spots, spills and stains typically found in the commercial cleaning environment. 

Power Encap Plus is non-surfactant based and an ideal product for use with VersaClean’s low moisture cleaning programs. Power Encap Plus will not brown and will not leave surfactant residues that contribute to re-soiling and carpet yellowing. Highly effective at removing surface soils, and also tackles beverage stains from coffee, tea and soda. 

  • Exclusive soil encapsulating polymers capture soils then dry to powdery crystals 
  • Hydrogen peroxide brightens and breaks down soils
  • Releases greasy soils from fibers -- reduces resoiling
  • Economical 64:1 dilution rate for use with CRB2380 or otherLow-Moisture Cleaning Machine
  • As for Bonnet Cleaning Mix 50:50 for use as a spotter or prespray

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