Cuff Lynx 2" Swivel Female Set With Male

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1.00 LBS
H136 and H141 lynx cuffs

Cuff Lynx 2" Swivel Female Set with Male for 2" Truckmount Hoses MADE IN USA

H110 and H136 Swivel cuffs set - Lock your 2" hoses


Mytee Cuff Lynx Swivel Version Set with Female and male - MADE IN USA, Improved swivel design for rough environmental conditions over other leading brands Why buy cheap Vinyl cuffs for the same price you can get pure nylon cuffs

Mytee Lynx cuffs are made of Nylon with Zero loss of CFM. Cuff Lynx swivel are built for commercial use and are design with play to eliminate wear and tear and with the straight through design you get maximum air flow.

Tired of old-fashioned vinyl vacuum hose cuffs that cause your hoses to lose suction and leak, and are hard to attach in cold weather? You don’t have to put up with it! Connecting vacuum hoses to extractors and other hoses is easier than ever, thanks to Mytee® Cuff-Lynx™ hose connectors. Cuff-Lynx™ are a major improvement over vinyl hose cuffs.

They are:

  • Durable – Made of durable nylon, their solid construction resists cracking, despite low temperatures.
  • Effective – Interlocking 2” female and male connectors are threaded. Their positive O-ring seal prevents leaks and provides better suction than traditional cuffs.
  • Competitively Priced – Why buy vinyl cuffs when you can purchase Cuff-Lynx™ for about the same price?
  • User-Friendly – With an exclusive soft lock, they twist easily into place.

Don’t settle for a bad connection! Get the most from your equipment by ordering Cuff-Lynx™ today.

100% Customer Satisfaction

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