Carpet Dyes For Nylon Or Wool

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20 oz dye 5th generation
Your choice of 20 oz or 5 lbs Carpet Dye 
Carpet Dye for Nylon carpets or wool - 20 ounce or 5 lbs - PICK your Color and Size 

Nylon & Wool can absorb dyes. Dyeing does not work on Polyester, rayon, olefin Fiber (Polypropylene) (Polyethylene) or other synthetic fibers. Please check fiber to test if it can be dyed - use fiber test 

How to dye carpets. Tools needed: 1) Carpet Rake or a rotary buffer 2) Sprayer (pump up type, cordless, Electric or a Hydro injection sprayer) 3) Carpet cleaning machine. You must clean the carpets first and remove all dyes & stains including kool-aid, coffee, wine, rust etc) Any bleach spots must be first spot dyed to match rest of carpet. Apply dye mixture and spray evenly. Pick your color and you will need a dye set so the dye sets into the carpet fiber. I have a new product one step dye set will balance out the pH for superior color match. Then buff the dye into the carpet or use a carpet rake and rinse with a carpet cleaning machine


Full color dye color change 20 oz can cover 1000-1500 sq. foot and 5 lb container can cover 5000-7000 sq. foot

To spot dye: you will need 3 primary colors: RED, BLUE and Yellow - then mix in a hand sprayer. 5th Generation cleaning dyers pick your Size and color.                                   Watch our free video on how to dye your carpets


Step one - Clean your carpets thoroughly Step two - remove all stains including any dark stains Step three - apply dyes wet - Step four - remember you can only make your carpets darker - Step 5 - apply dye with even strokes  Step 6 - buff or scrub dyes into carpet Step 7 - clean carpets again. Questions 800-510-2436

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    worked for me

    Posted by AAA Carpet & Restoration on 6th Jan 2013

    Just don't use the dye penetrate until your satisfied, the dyes are very good quality