All Floor Cleaner VCT and Vinyl 4-gallons

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All Floor Cleaner Workday 4-gallons

Workday 4-gallons An excellent no-rinse, low-foam cleaner for all surfaces.

Neutral pH formulation leaves floors clean and bright. Safe and Great cleaner for all floors especially VCT, Vinyl and Linoleum. Recommended to mop and avoid high pressure machines

DIRECTIONS: 1) Post wet floor signs. 2) Remove loose soil using vacuum, dust mop or sweeping. 3) Prepare a ready to use solution by adding 1 - 4 oz. (30 - 118 mL) of concentrate with enough water to make 1 gal. (3.8 L). 4) Begin mopping using a wet mop or microfiber floor pad. Use a continuous mopping action so that soil collects on the leading edge of the mop or pad. 5) Change the solution as it becomes soiled. 6) Be sure to establish good drying conditions. 7) Inspect floor for cleanliness. CAUTION FOR APPLICATION: 1) Intended for hard surface floors such as vinyl, ceramic, stone, etc. 2) Not intended for floors made from woody materials such as hard wood, cork, bamboo, etc. 3) Test surfaces for compatibility before use.

  • Super Concentrated add 1-4 ounces of Concentrate to 1-gallon of water
  • 76-290 by versaclean all surface (avoid contract on wood floors)